Friday, June 17, 2022

Thanksgiving Point

4 Man Scramble @ 7:30 am

Father/Jr. 2 Man Scramble @ 2:30 pm


"I am very excited to hear about this golf tournament being held this summer to raise awareness to prevent child abuse.  As I am not much of a golfer myself, I won't be playing in the event, but appreciate all of the effort going to raise awareness for such a worthy cause.  Child abuse does not go away by ignoring survivors, but by believing them, supporting them and having the courage to do all that we can to keep them safe from shame, blame and isolation.  All of us can do more to increase our compassion, empathy and courage to do the right thing.  Best of luck at the event!"

--Elizabeth Smart


"Of the many teams & roles I've had in my life -- whether that's playing tight end for BYU or in the NFL -- the most important role to me is that of a husband and father.  I love what this tournament represents, and am on-board to do all in my power to keep our kids safe!"

--Chad Lewis


"This is a tremendous event, while serving an even bigger purpose then a fun day of golf.  This event lends support & awareness to the many survivors in our community who need our love, respect and commitment to do all that we can do to stop the awful effects of abuse."

--Avremi Zippel ("Utah Rabbi")